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My Pain Is Like…

My pain is like this one lone cigarette…. left standing in its pack

I hesitate to light it… it’s all that I have left

In existing… its addiction … is getting less and less

Yet I want to light into its fervor… its many poisons to inhale

My body doesn’t really like it … but the need is a different thing

I want to expand my lungs even deeper… as I keep wondering why

Then I mentally extinguish it …. with languid relief… the embers now braised with the Kiss of  the fire of my desire

I put what’s left of that scorched reminder of grief’s last hold on my soul

In the left vest pocket of my heart… forgetting the last time

Waiting for the next…

Now I showed you mine

You wanna show me yours?


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I am a person looking to gather information through communication....

5 responses to “My Pain Is Like…

  1. Reblogged this on I'm still connected to my disconnect… and commented:

    My first blog on this site & I’m glad I wrote it!

  2. Im in Indiana right now with my mom. Normally from Harlem.

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